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Beverley Bryant

To Wherever Oceans Go

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Books by Voices Members

Hilary Zayed

In Search of Wings

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To Wherever Oceans Go continues Beverley Bryant's story of coping with brain injury and stroke.  She focuses on her struggle to return to meaningful employment following formal  rehabilitation.  Perspectives written by family, friends and medical professionals enrich her story as a person who refused to set limits on her potential.

Comments about To Wherever Oceans Go:

"Your book is such a help to us."

"Once started, I couldn't put it down."

Beverley Bryant                        Carole Starr                         Hilary Zayed


Before her death, Bev requested that Brain Injury Voices take over selling her two books.  We are proud to continue her legacy and ensure that others can read her words and benefit from her inspirational story.  Proceeds from the sale of these books will be used to further Brain Injury Voices' mission to educate, advocate and support.  To learn more about Bev, please go to the Who We Are section of the Brain Injury Voices website.

To Root & To Rise: Accepting Brain Injury

Accepting a changed new life is one of the greatest challenges brain injury survivors face. It’s also one of the most important. Coming to terms with brain injury can mean the difference between a mournful life spent looking backward and a meaningful life spent moving forward. In this book, long-term brain injury survivor Carole Starr mines her own acceptance journey for nuggets of wisdom to help others. Each chapter contains numerous strategies survivors can use. You’ll learn how Carole went from being uprooted by brain injury, to putting down new roots to rising into a changed life and finding a way to soar. This book is more than the story of one survivor accepting brain injury. It’s also a workbook that readers can use to apply the strategies to their own brain injury journeys. The opportunity to think, write and talk about one’s own experience makes this book a powerful resource.

Carole Starr

Reinventing Oneself After Loss

Of all the physical and cognitive losses after her brain injury, it was Hilary Zayed’s loss of self that was the least visible to others…but most painful for her. Her book explores her meaning of loss, the search for a new identity, and the reinvention of her “new self” with her new self-awareness. Art became her vehicle for self-exploration and self-expression, as she struggled to build a new identity and move forward. She shares her experiences (post-TBI) candidly, and her artwork speaks volumes about her passion for life.

​​In Search of Wings is Beverley Bryant's true story of coping with a brain injury and a stroke. Her determination to conquer her physical and cognitive deficits to regain total independencewill inspire survivors and professionals alike. Beverley's journey is one you'll never forget.

Comments about In Search of Wings:

"I laughed, I cried...wonderful book."

"Taught me a great deal on a clinical level."