Brain Injury Voices

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2017 Vermont Brain Injury Conference

          Keynote by Carole Starr

               Weasilience:  Handling Life's Wild Moments

2017 Book Launch--To Root & To Rise:  Accepting Brain Injury by Carole Starr

         Carole shares the story behind the title of her book, reads excerpts from three
         chapters and answers questions from the audience.

            To Root & To Rise:  Accepting Brain Injury Book Launch

Photo Exhibit by Carole Starr
        Resilience:  Moving Forward after Adversity

              A traveling exhibit of Carole Starr's resilience inspired nature photographs, 
              paired with uplifting words.


2015 Maine Brain Injury Conference
        Keynote by Carole Starr
            Weasilience:  Handling Life's Wild Moments

        Brain Injury Voices' Workshops 
            On the Road Again:  Traveling with a Disability
            Filling Your Toolbox:  Strategies to Face the Challenges of Brain Injury

2015 Maine Recreation Therapy Association Conference
        Keynote by Carole Starr--
Never Give up on Happiness

2015 Community Bridges Survivor & Family Conference
"Living our Story", Concord, NH

        Keynote by Carole Starr--Never Give up on Happiness

Brain Injury Voices 2010-2015
        Celebrating Five Years     

2014 "Laughing & Learning: The Wisdom of Bev Bryant"
        Weasilience--Carole Starr's tribute to Bev

2014 Maine Brain Injury Conference

        Keynote by Hilary Zayed--Reinventing Oneself after a Brain Injury

2014 Mount Holyoke College "Back to Class"

        Presentation by Carole Starr--Never Give up on Happiness


2013 Case Study for Nursing & Medical Students 
University of New England

        Presentation by Ted Brackett

2013 Maine Brain Injury Conference
         From Surviving to Thriving:  Reinventing Oneself after Brain Injury
         Building Resilience:  The Art of Bouncing Forward
         Paths to Self-Advocacy

2013 "From Surviving to Thriving"  Voices Organized
Conference for Survivors & Families

        Conference Introduction & Keynote by Hilary Zayed
             "Reinventing Oneself"

        Survivor Track Workshops (Audio Files)
              "Survivor Strategies"--Fatigue, Memory, Anxiety/Depression
              "Resilience for Survivors"

        Family Track Workshops (Audio Files)
              "A Family Affair"
              "Resilience for Family Members"

2012 "Finding Happiness After Brain Injury" Workshop
       Workshop Introduction and Presentation by Dr. Howard Kunin
             "Mindfulness & Radical Acceptance"

       Panel Discussion by Brain Injury Voices 
             "Finding Happiness"

        Keynote by Carole Starr
             "Never Give up on Happiness"

Radio Piece "Brainhilda and I"

       Carole Starr was the subject of a radio piece entitled, "Brainhilda & I",

       which highlights her struggles with hyperacusis (extreme sound sensitivity).